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How to Become a Leader

March FOCUS Event: Transitioning From Doer to Leader

by | February 22, 2019

What does it take to executive flawlessly? Learning to delegate, set expectations, hold people accountable, develop courage and resiliency, and coach and motivate teams are all strengths that great leaders cultivate. But how do they learn? In our no-fail society, we often try to “tell” developing leaders how to do their jobs versus working with... View Article

Communicating Goals

Successfully Communicating Company Goals

by | January 2, 2019

It comes as no surprise that an essential element of planning for the New Year includes goal setting. And there’s a good chance that two of your business’s top financial metrics include revenue and profit goals. When these goals are set, company leadership creates them and they’re passed down through the rest of the organization.... View Article

Business Coffee

Top 5 Business Areas to Focus and Plan for 2019

by | December 3, 2018

Although we are often distracted at this time of year by fun family gatherings, vacation time, and holiday cheer and events, businesses often take this time to ensure they are ready to start the new year strong.  Below are several areas we suggest businesses evaluate as they plan for a successful year: Financial goals.  Your... View Article

PFMLA OFfering

New Washington’s Paid Family Medical Leave

by | December 3, 2018

Beginning January 1, 2019, Washington state will join the small group of states mandating paid family and medical leave (“PFML”) for Washington state employees.  Here are some of the key questions our clients are asking:  What is the purpose of the law?  Is our business required to collect the employer and employee premiums and implement... View Article

Putting Lifelong Learning to Good Use

by | September 24, 2018

We seem to value “lifelong learners” in business – you see this as a desired characteristic in job postings and those who are “successful” are typically called out as such.  What is a lifelong learner, though? We all learn every day from our experiences, both personal and professional, in our interactions with clients, employees and... View Article

Equinox Blog Season

Family, the Workplace, and Government Regulation

by | September 4, 2018

September has arrived and those with kids are getting back into the school routine.  Your employee’s schedules and mindsets may have shifted to new schedules and priorities.  For many, these shifts are subtle – maybe a day off or a slightly later start time – while for others the preparation for back to school creates... View Article

Learnings from Stepping Out of the Business

by | January 9, 2018

In 2014, my family had a once in a lifetime opportunity to live abroad for a couple of years.  When my husband first presented this idea, my immediate response was, “Yes!”.   Following that first reaction, we had numerous discussions of how this change would impact Equinox.  At that time, I felt I had a good... View Article

People = Success

by | December 11, 2017

As we wrap up the year, I’m trying to stay focused on the important planning tasks for 2018.  I’ve been learning about and have begun implementing a program over the past year based on the book “Scaling Up” by Verne Harnish.   The program’s core pillars are People, Strategy, Execution and Cash with each pillar leading... View Article

Wowing the Customer

by | April 4, 2017

I would say most companies I come across have one or more core values focused on high levels of customer service. It’s one of those “must have” elements in how a company continues to exist. Yet we know that “high quality” customer service is subjective, both from the company’s perspective and the customer’s perspective. On... View Article