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Buying and Selling a Business/M&A
Equinox knows that the decision to buy or sell a business is often a once in a lifetime experience. We also know that every transaction is unique and has its ups and downs. There’s no “how to” book that will work for all situations, so you must rely on advisors to guide you through the process. Our approach focuses on getting the deal done while ensuring you, whether buyer or seller, are protected from risk. Our services include advising on transaction structure and terms, drafting and negotiating the purchase and sale agreement and related documents, due diligence preparation and review, and managing closing. We are able to provide fixed fee pricing, where appropriate, and keep document turnarounds short so as to keep the transaction moving forward. As a once in a lifetime experience, you want to be sure you’ve got someone on your side, keeping the deal on track, and watching your back. That’s Equinox.
Contract Negotiation and Maintenance
Every relationship a business forms a contract – from landlords to vendors to customers.  It may be written or oral, simple or complex.  What’s important is that the agreement gets your business what it needs from the relationship, documents the key expectations of those involved and address what happens if those expectations aren’t met.  A good contract forms a foundation for a good relationship by setting clear expectations around not only the obvious terms and conditions but the less-obvious ones as well.
Intellectual Property
Every business has intellectual property it has created.  Often these are business names and logos which are the company’ trademarks or content for its brochures, catalogs, or client service materials which are copyrights.  Each of these are proprietary and add value to the business if they are developed and protected with IP management in mind.  As the holder of these IP rights, you are responsible for policing and enforcing your rights; and to do so, you must know what you have and implement an IP management strategy.
Real Estate
Real estate can be an asset of a business or the core of a business model.  Often it’s the single most valuable asset in the business; and it must be properly protected using business entities, contracts, insurance, and proper titling procedures.
Starting a Business
Corporate governance is often far down on the list of important to-dos for business owners and CEOs, yet it’s one of those legal “must dos”.  For owners and management to be shielded from liability, formal governance procedures are required.  Governmental authorities and financial institutions also look for governance procedures to satisfy their due diligence and certification requirements.  To comply, a business should have regular meetings and must maintain certain corporate records.  If your business has multiple owners, an agreement among the owners (such as an Operating Agreement or Shareholder Agreement) is important to describe and document these relationships.
Succession and Transition Planning
Succession and transition planning are critical in all phases of a business’ life cycle.  These plans are not only about the retirement of owners or executives but should also address a catastrophic loss of people or assets of the business and the retention of key employees.  As the name suggests, it’s a planning function that requires ongoing attention and discussion that includes management and governance procedures and contracts, estate planning, and insurance coverage.
Some industries we serve.


Equinox knows the manufacturing industry plays a critical role in Washington State’s economy. While manufacturers are unique and diverse in product and style, we understand the many opportunities and challenges you encounter in your day-to-day business relationships with employees, vendors and regulators. Whether you are at $1M  or a $50M, our experience, unique strategies and operationally focused approach will help your business stay on track.


The Northwest offers delicious cuisine, local wine, spirits and brew and unique shopping experiences and products. The hospitality and retail industry offers many challenges and high levels of competition. At Equinox we have a knowledgeable support team with personal experience in owning and operating hospitality and retail companies which can help give you the competitive advantage you are looking for.

Professional services

Being a part of the Northwest professional services community means Equinox has a shared value with businesses that seek to better the lives of those who live and work in our region.  Whether your business offers to spur the creative through design, consulting, health and wellness or is a licensed medical or real estate/property management practice, Equinox understands what it takes to support your team so you can focus on what you are good at… people.

Tech and software development

Washington is known as a leader in the fast paced technology and software sector; and this growing industry is at the heart of our community. With all of the show stopping products, it can be difficult to stand out from the rest.  Our holistic, business-focused approach will enable you to pivot in this fast-moving marketplace whether it be with hiring and retaining talent or getting the next version to market.

Services we offer:

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy
Investor Documents
Financing Transactions
Stock Options/Grants
Company Formation
Annual Meetings
Business Licensing


Owner Agreements
Owner Disputes
Distribution Agreements
Licensing Agreements


Mergers & Acquisitions
Succession Planning
Stock Issuance/Transfers
Insurance Policy Review
Non-disclosure Agreements/Confidentiality Agreements


Sales & Growth

Services Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements


Sales Representative Agreements
Compensation Planning


Online Terms of Use/Privacy Policy
Dispute Resolution


Human Resources

New Hire Process
Employee Agreement
Employee Manuals
Employee Disputes


Policy Drafting
Legal Compliance


Audit Assistance



Lease Negotiation
Equipment Purchasing/Leasing
Real Estate Transactions
Regulatory Compliance


Purchasing/Vendor Management

Vendor Agreements
Subcontractor Agreements
Warehousing Agreements
Purchase Orders - Terms and Conditions


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