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Entrepreneurs exist to challenge the status quo. The power of law exists to level the playing field, but is often used against those who "don’t know, what they don’t know."

Enter Equinox, a team of Entrepreneurs who are also attorneys on a mission to enable all business leaders to go boldly into the unknown.

We remove the barriers of costs, response time, and complexity so that every business can have a “Chief Legal Officer” on their team, giving them the same strategic law advantages as the mega corps.

The Equinox Strategic General Counsel model provides you with a team of business-minded attorneys at a fixed monthly cost. So you can get the help you need when you need it.

Our Core Values

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    Business First
    We understand business and support the leadership team’s vision and strategy to achieve its goals.

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    Deal Makers
    We work collaboratively and innovatively to move the business forward, advising on the balance of business and law in each decision.

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    We follow through on our commitments.

Our Story

Our Story

Equinox Business Law Group grew from an idea – Business Law the Way It SHOULD Be. This idea of how business law should work for the business owner through value, knowledge, and strategy to make smart decisions for their company. This idea requires the lawyer to understand business and entrepreneurship and appreciate the balance of risk-reward for the business and the personal, emotional, and financial risk-reward for the business owner.

We began in 2004 as Small Business Legal Services as a firm focused on eliminating the barriers that businesses feel when they need a lawyer. The fear of high costs added complexity, long turn-around times, and not feeling the value-add of competent counsel was the starting point for changing how legal works for businesses. SBLS started with a modern approach to legal services with flat-fee pricing and complimentary consultations and meaningful check- ins to develop more in-depth, frequent conversations between the lawyer and the business owner. Our clients gave us in-depth insight and trust in their businesses and we were able to provide business and legal counsel that made sense for the company’s unique needs.

Over time, we found that our collaborative approach with our clients created value, ease, and confidence within our client’s businesses. In response, we launched an innovative General Counsel Solutions offering inclusive, strategy and advisory solutions made to fit any business’s needs. We also relaunched under our new brand Equinox Business Law Group. The “equinox” represents the balancing of light and darkness when both hemispheres of the Earth are equally illuminated. Similarly, our clients look to our team to balance the risks and the opportunities they face. We continue to value and celebrate the Equinox and use it to guide the solutions we offer and how we build our team.

Meet The Team

Like you, we are entrepreneurs. Unlike you, we are attorneys. We call ourselves Equinox because we serve our clients by bringing law and entrepreneurial expertise into perfect alignment.

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Our Approach

Equinox the playing field with our fixed monthly cost, managed services (MSP) approach that removes the barriers of costs, response time, and complexity so that every business can have the same strategic law advantages as the mega corps.

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Equinox has really provided us with the resources, services, and expertise that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to have…

– Steve Crandall, CEO ProMotion Holdings

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