Our Approach

Business Law the Way it SHOULD Be

So what SHOULD business law be?

Your business deserves legal counsel that not only helps you fix problems but avoid problems, too. Your counsel should:

Understand you and help keep your business safe.

Be a sounding board for decision making and available to get legal questions turned around quickly and seamlessly.

We Agree!

That’s why we’ve created a unique General Counsel model that gets you what you need when you need it. With Equinox, you get a team of business-minded attorneys that are:


Getting you the critical information ahead of the game so you can respond.


Providing predictable, fixed-fee pricing.


Turning around communications and deliverables quicky, so you can keep moving forward.

Value Add

Offering practical, risk-appropriate solutions with your business needs and goals in mind.

How we do it

Every business is different and needs a unique set of legal services. How you use our services is up to you – you decide how to design legal services to meet your needs. Here’s how:


Take a Business Health Assessment to identify needs and uncover gaps in business processes and compliance. Use those results to prioritize projects to fill the gaps.


Work with our team to tailor legal services that meet your needs, typically in 6-month terms. Collaborate with our team to create a project plan that works for you.


General Counsel Solutions

We manage those projects to completion with regular meetings and check-ins with you. Your team can call us anytime when questions or new projects arise and it’s all included.

Bottom Line

We handle legal, so your team can focus on their most important work.

Equinox works alongside your team, getting to know your business and able to quickly step in to support your team as issues arise – from answering quick questions to tackling new projects.