Staff Training

Employee Training Programs Tailored For Your Business

by | June 27, 2019

Does your staff get excited about employee training? Typically, it’s not something they’re looking forward to attending. And it’s true — out-of-the-box style employee trainings aren’t just boring, they’re ineffective.

Equinox has a different approach when it comes to educating teams about important topics. As we develop each unique presentation, we tailor the information for the individual business. Our training style includes scenarios that are specific to your workplace and your business operations — not only keeping employees more engaged, but also empowering them to actually apply the information when it counts. Here’s an overview of the types of trainings currently offered by the Equinox team but if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, let us know and we’ll tailor a solution for you.

HR and Employment Law Training

HR and Employment Law training is often directed toward HR staff or whoever is performing HR duties (possibly your accounting staff) but is applicable to all employees. Our programs cover employment law essentials from wage and hour compliance to the most recent changes to employment practices (new Paid Family Medical Leave, non-compete restrictions, ban on salary history).  It’s also a best practice to train your entire staff on anti-harassment laws and your internal policies, ensuring everyone in the workplace has an awareness of their rights and the company’s commitment to a safe work environment.

Contract Management Training

From the estimators to the project managers, we’ll train your contract management staff on contract compliance specific to your business’ contract terms.  They should understand what the potential risks are for the business and how they’re addressed in your contracts.  They should also know what are acceptable changes to those contracts and what level of authority they have to proceed with a contract under certain terms.  Understanding what contracts you have and key contract management requirements is also an important way to insulate the company from risk. Properly training staff on contracts management gives them the ability to manage the terms of the many contracts you see coming in the door.

Data Privacy Training

Data privacy is a newer area where training is required and possibly one of the most important. Especially for businesses that collect personally identifiable information from customers, you need to implement the right tools to comply with the law and your staff needs to know what to do to comply and what to do if there’s a breach. If your company works with larger customers, your contracts likely have very specific data privacy compliance requirements with which you must comply. Improper management of sensitive data can lead to both costly reparations and long-term damage to the trust you’ve built with the client.

Proper training for staff isn’t just about checking it off the to-do list, it’s providing your team with the ability to better identify everyday risks and opportunities common to your specific business. With training tailored to your needs and available either à la carte or as part of General Counsel services, there are flexible options to suit your business. Contact us here to learn more or to schedule a training.