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We get that running a successful business means understanding and strengthening its body, mind, and spirit. Without all three, the business can’t make decisions to achieve optimal health.


The Spirit

Intangible qualities that give your business its unique identity and culture.

We understand the importance of a strong vision and core values to engage better with stakeholders and foster a healthy culture that encourages the right actions for desired results.


The Mind

Logical aspects such as decision-making, governance, security, and safety.

We guide you in understanding the processes and systems for decision making, developing strong policies and procedures, and protecting your business and stakeholders.


The Body

Physical assets such as facilities, inventory, people, intellectual property, and contracts.

We provide strategic counsel to ensure the business is capturing opportunities and mitigating risks to help you protect and leverage the business’ assets for your strategic advantage and growth.

Know What You Don’t Know

At Equinox, we believe in proactive care for your business. That's why we offer a complimentary Business Health Assessment, a quick 7-minute survey that acts as a comprehensive check-up to identify areas of opportunity and risk in light of your current operations and future plans.

Our holistic evaluation, combined with the Equinox strategic General Counsel approach, allows you to "know what you don't know" so you can take your business boldly into the unknown.

How The Assessment Works

Take our Business Health Assessment today and receive a FREE, no-obligation report on the health of your business's spirit, mind, and body, as part of a customized plan to fortify its legal infrastructure.


Take The Assessment

Just 7 minutes is all it takes to complete the assessment and get a detailed analysis of your business health and legal infrastructure needs.

Get The Free Report

You'll receive a report for the spirit, mind, and body of your business identifying areas of concern and celebrating areas of strength.

Make A Plan

In addition to your customized report, you'll be invited to schedule a complimentary Business Health Consult with our corporate counsel to turn your report into a tailored plan that prioritizes your business’ health needs.

“[It] helps us to spend time and focus on legal matters that may have gone unchecked. Equinox has helped us to lay the groundwork for transitioning to the next generation.”

– Mark M., Architextures

"The General Counsel Services gives us the freedom to focus on moving the business forward while they tackle the legal stuff, which saves me a lot of time. I don’t just have a lawyer, I have General Counsel who knows our history and risk tolerance. Because of this, Equinox is getting us quick, relevant advice."

 – Peter H., Tri-Tec Manufacturing, LLC

“I was not sure if we had time to interact with Equinox to make the most of our legal fees. However, I know it doesn't take many hours for this service to pay for itself! Michelle and everyone on her team is friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. It is a pleasure to partner with Equinox.”

– Rufina H., RH2 Resolutions

Schedule A Consult

Find out if Equinox is the right fit for you, with a Business Health Consult

After completing this short assessment survey, we schedule a complimentary, one-on-one discussion with an experienced business lawyer to talk through areas of concern, strength, and risk. The meeting is extremely personalized, tailored to your business’s individual needs, challenges you may be facing, projects on the back burner, and any areas of your business that need more focused attention. Within a week, you’ll get a customized summary of recommendations based on your Business Health Assessment.


Meet The Team

Like you, we are entrepreneurs. Unlike you, we are attorneys. We call ourselves Equinox because we serve our clients by bringing law and entrepreneurial expertise into perfect alignment.

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About Us

Equinox levels the field for entrepreneurs. Our Strategic Legal Counsel For Entrepreneurs removes the barriers of costs, response time, and complexities so your business can go boldly into the unknown.

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Just like getting an annual physical at your doctor, your business also deserves health checkups and continuity. A Business Health Assessment is a holistic review of your current business operations to address areas of concern and celebrate areas of strength. The assessment will include an evaluation of your business’s priorities, goals, tactics to achieve those goals, as well as any associated risks.


Using the whole person metaphor, spirit, mind, and body of your business, this quick 7-minute online multiple-choice survey acts as a comprehensive check-up, identifying areas of opportunity and risk in light of your current operations and future plans.


After completing the survey, you will receive a complimentary diagnosis report of the health of your business as part of a customized plan to strengthen its legal infrastructure. It’s a quick way to determine where your business stands and what it will take to ensure long term achievement of your business’ goals.

As part of your report, we schedule a complimentary, one-on-one discussion with Equinox’s corporate counsel to talk through areas of strength, opportunity, and risk. The consult uses the report to tailor the conversation to focus on your business’ individualized health needs, including obstacles to prioritizing legal infrastructure and business health and areas of your business that need more focused attention. Within a week, you’ll get a customized Equinox Strategic Legal Solutions Plan based on your Business Health Assessment and Business Consult.

Equinox Strategic Legal Solutions Plans start at $2,500 a month for an ongoing relationship with counsel who knows your business and your risk tolerance from top to bottom. This relationship enables you to go confidently and boldly forward with legal counsel on your side. Because everything is customized for you, we prioritize the legal infrastructure projects that will capitalize on opportunity and address risk to make a difference in your business’ health. The Legal Solutions Plan also provides ongoing support for the day to day — all at a fixed price. We believe in complete price transparency, so you set the priorities and the budget. Our team builds a plan to best serve your needs and then adjusts that plan over time as your business’ needs change.


Know What You Don’t Know – The sooner you’re able to evaluate the risk lurking in your business, the sooner you’re able to mitigate it. After the assessment, you’ll have a better understanding of what to look out for, along with actionable recommendations to mitigate risks specific to your goals giving you the freedom and confidence to Go Boldly.



We offer Business Health Assessments Survey free of charge.

Why? Because your business is our business, and your confidence in the current state of your business is an important step to growth, stability, and long-term success.

After completing the Business Health Assessment Survey, you will receive a complimentary, no-obligation report on the health of your business as part of a customized plan to achieve peak performance and to minimize injury by building strength through legal infrastructure. Your report will show you where your business is performing well as well as highlighting areas of weakness, giving you a quick snapshot of where your business stands. A $2,500 value.

We’ll talk through the current health state of your business’s spirit, mind, and body examining areas of corporate strategy, entity type, ownership, human resources, insurance, contracts, facilities, intellectual property, compliance, financial planning, exit planning, and property protection. Our business savvy team takes a holistic view of all three aspects of your operations and guides you in developing a strong legal infrastructure to foster growth and stability.


DISCLAIMER: The materials and information contained in this report are for informational purposes only. These materials do not constitute legal advice nor does engaging with this website create an attorney-client relationship. Accordingly, you should seek legal counsel from an attorney knowledgeable about the specifics of your situation before taking or refraining from action. Equinox Business Law Group PLLC is licensed to practice law in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.