General Counsel Packages


Consider this… What if your legal team was an advisor, an extension of your management team — knowing your business, your risk tolerance, and your plans for the future — and was there whenever you needed them?  What if you had someone to help you know what you don’t know and balance the risk with the opportunity at every turn to find the best solution for your business? That’s our General Counsel Services.

With General Counsel Packages, you have business and legal counsel at your beck and call, as if they were sitting in the office down the hall, at a fixed price. Think about the times you thought, “Maybe we should run this by our lawyer…” but instead, you or your management team just got it done – it was quicker and cheaper.

“Business knowledge is critical; it is the single most important thing.”

– T. Bailey

Rise Innovations Sports Enterprises

Packages and pricing.

 General Counsel AdvisorGeneral Counsel ServicesGeneral Counsel Audit
Flat monthly fee
Unlimited phone & email communications
Unlimited projects
Unlimited meetings
Tailored to your industry
Comprehensive legal audit


Unlimited phone and email communications with you and your team for a flat monthly fee tailored to your company needs, generally ranging from $650-1200 per month.


Includes all General Counsel Advisor items plus research, document drafting and review, projects, and deliverables for a flat monthly fee tailored to your company needs, generally ranging from $3000-6000 per month.

Business Audit

Includes all General Counsel Services items plus comprehensive legal audits for a flat monthly fee tailored to your company needs, generally ranging from $4000-8000 per month.

Industries we serve:

Real estate brokers


Property Managers




Tech/Software developers

Professional services



Services we offer:

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy
Investor Documents
Financing Transactions
Stock Options/Grants
Company Formation
Annual Meetings
Business Licensing


Owner Agreements
Owner Disputes
Distribution Agreements
Licensing Agreements


Mergers & Acquisitions
Succession Planning
Stock Issuance/Transfers
Insurance Policy Review
Non-disclosure Agreements/Confidentiality Agreements


Sales & Growth

Services Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements


Sales Representative Agreements
Compensation Planning


Online Terms of Use/Privacy Policy
Dispute Resolution


Human Resources

New Hire Process
Employee Agreement
Employee Manuals
Employee Disputes


Policy Drafting
Legal Compliance


Audit Assistance



Lease Negotiation
Regulatory Compliance



Equipment Purchasing/Leasing



Real Estate Transactions



Purchasing/Vendor Management

Vendor Agreements
Purchase Orders - Terms and Conditions



Subcontractor Agreements



Warehousing Agreements