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How to Prepare Your Business for Sale

by | September 29, 2020

You have spent years building your business, and you have grown it into a strong, profitable operation. It is now time to prepare your business for sale. Whether your goal is to sell the company in a few years or in a few months, it is never too early to ensure your business is attractive... View Article

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Tips for Business Transactions During a Pandemic

by | September 29, 2020

Business leaders are asking if the business transaction landscape is changing, considering the pandemic. Do we see negative impacts on many businesses? To be honest, we don’t see much change – deals are moving forward with little change in the terms or contingencies. This may be due to the specific deals we’re seeing, or parties... View Article

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How Hasbro Almost Blew An Intergalactic Deal

by | September 4, 2018

Those of us old enough to remember our very first Star Wars figure, were too young when they first arrived in stores to realize (or, care, really) what it took for them to become and remain a reality for the next 40 years, earning over $14 billion in revenue. Primarily due to George Lucas’ desire... View Article

Financing Your Small Business Acquisition

by | February 27, 2014

Blog written by Alicia Johnston, MBA,  Wells Fargo SBA Northwest or northeast, urban or rural, service business or manufacturing – when it comes to choosing your small business financing, the direction you choose will impact the business’ capacity for growth. Finding and financing a business acquisition can be a seamless process, as long as you... View Article


by | February 18, 2014

Blog written by Lisa Forrest, Union Bank If you are like me, I just couldn’t get enough of the Seahawk’s this season.  Are you in withdrawal now like me?  I’ll eke out a little bit more Hawk’s talk with 4 similarities that I found between the successful 2013-2014 season of our Seahawk’s and a successful business... View Article


by | February 11, 2014

Blog written by Robert Burger, B2B CFO BUYING A BUSINESS IS EXCITING – AND DAUNTING The initial reaction to finding a potential business to purchase is excitement, and it’s filled with possibility and plans. In order to avoid making an emotional commitment that clouds our judgment and leads to a whirlwind business romance, it’s a good... View Article

How to Successfully Acquire a Business

by | October 29, 2013

Blog written by Steve Seavecki , Magnum Print Solutions Whether you would like to leave Corporate America and purchase your first company or if you have an established company and are looking to expand, this article is meant to provide some helpful tips. After 20 years as a senior manager in the software industry, I was tired... View Article