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Cash Flow in Tough Times

by | February 26, 2010

Today’s guest blog post comes from Dennis Purvine of CFO Selections, a company offering interim CFO services to businesses. ————————————— Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know our economy is still struggling. As a result, many businesses are strapped for cash. This is particularly true for small businesses, which haven’t had government... View Article

Organize to Grow

by | February 19, 2010

Guest contributor Elizabeth Bowman, founder of Innovatively Organized shares tips for how organizing your business helps you to grow.  —————————————————- Cultivate your Organizing Skills and Grow your Business How much time do you spend searching for the sticky note with an important phone number or digging through stacks of paper to find the document you... View Article

Shifting Marketing Gears

by | February 16, 2010

Our guest blog post comes from Harry Thomas, Marketing Director for Hire and founder of Marketing Hat. Harry offers a perspective on how to approach marketing strategy, positioning, branding, and competitive analysis to help you move from survival to growth mode in 2010. ———————–Moving from survival to robust growth will take a new approach to... View Article

Beyond Survival Mode…

by | February 2, 2010

I hate to state it again because we all know it already: 2009 was a rotten year for most, with very limited cash available to do anything. The media and consumer confidence indexes, though, suggest that things are turning around – spending has increased, money is coming in the door, and receivables are decreasing rather... View Article

Advisory Boards – wrap up

by | January 27, 2010

Our Advisory Board panel on the 20th offered great perspectives from our panelists, moderator, and audience members. Below are a few take-aways I found interesting: 1. Size of board. Our moderator, Corey Hansen, author of Best Practices of the High Performance Entrepreneur, asked the question: “What is the right size for an Advisory Board?” The... View Article

Know What You Don’t Know

by | January 20, 2010

Our guest blog post this week comes from David Heyting, Senior Tax Manager at Hersman Serles Almond PLLC. David has worked in both the public and private sector counseling business owners on tax compliance, tax planning, job costing, and business expansion and succession planning. ——————————— When starting out, business owners realize that they need to... View Article

Advisory Boards – It’s Lonely at the Top

by | January 12, 2010

Our guest blog post comes from Nate Silverman, Principal at Silverman Consulting LLC and a certified Hot100 Advisor. The Hot100 Program is designed to help privately owned companies with one or two active owners, annual revenues of $500,000 to $50 million, and at least five employees to increase sales, profitability, and/or valuation (owner’s equity). Nate... View Article

Advisory Boards – Why You Need One and How to Start

by | January 5, 2010

Rarely does a day go by as an entrepreneur where no advice is required, obtained or given. In day-to-day operations, we struggle with the right decisions for employees, for customers, for ourselves. To help along the way, we use advisors. Some are family and required to listen to our questions, stories and rants. Others are... View Article