Why the hiring process matters

Why the Hiring Process Matters (and how to do it right)

by | October 29, 2020

Hiring is a beast of a process – and when done right, it pays off. However, what does “doing it right” look like? The hiring process specifics will be different for each company, but the core is about structuring the process. Structure helps you identify that the individual has the key characteristics to be successful in your business.

Add team members vs. individuals in your hiring process

Equinox has been in business for 15 years. Early on, our hiring process was reactive. We thought we knew what we were looking for and how to structure our hiring process around finding successful candidates. The fault in my approach, though, was that it was only me, looking for people who fit with me. That mentality was practical for that time in our business’ lifecycle. Eventually, though, it was apparent that the “team” was lacking an essential collaborative purpose. The result of our hiring process was recruiting individuals who met certain criteria, but we didn’t have a solid team. The glue that brought them together was missing, and we couldn’t perform collectively toward our goals.

Try the Top Grading Interview Method during the hiring process

About five years ago, after joining the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Accelerator program, fellow entrepreneurs introduced me to Top Grading. This methodology focuses on the characteristics you cannot easily train, and the leadership and management style that candidates prefer. We have found that the Top Grading method for interviews has helped us hire the right people. In addition to Top Grading, we increased our focus on the onboarding process and defining our culture. We foster a mutual understanding of what we do, why we do it, and why “you” are here. It is essential to building community, camaraderie, and buy-in from the get-go and through the hiring process.

Hire those who fit your company’s mission for success

By setting the stage properly, we add to our team each time we hire rather than adding an individual. We were proud to be included in the Puget Sound Business Journal’s list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies this year. I attribute our success to a fantastic team that knows who we are and why we exist. They are focused every day on delivering “Business Law the Way it Should Be.”

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