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Strengthen Your Business

Five Lessons from the Pandemic to Strengthen Your Business

by | July 31, 2020

While business owners are well-acquainted with the concept of risk, that term has likely taken on a whole new meaning in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Even the most risk-averse business owners likely did not see this massive global crisis coming, and certainly did not anticipate the rapid and overwhelming impact it would have on... View Article

Contracts Losing Money

How Your Contracts Are Losing You Money

by | June 3, 2019

Last month, we focused on tools you can use to increase your business’ profitability, many of which you already have available to you but which get put to the wayside in the day-to-day push to bring deals in the door. One such tool is your contracts, whether with your clients or your vendors. It’s not... View Article

Contracts Management System

4 Steps to Optimize Your Company’s Contract Management System

by | June 3, 2019

 Contract management is at the heart of effectively building relationships with partners; ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal laws; anticipating and eliminating potential deal delays; and increasing profitability. Not surprisingly, the importance of effective contract management cannot be overstated. And yet, it’s a process that’s paid little attention to until an issue arises. In... View Article