Special Thanks…

by | November 2, 2011

As we prepare for our annual Thank You Celebration,  I would like to express my thanks to folks that really made a difference for me this year — I hope you all know who you are! 

1.  Our employees who have worked hard to not only serve our clients but also to build the infrastructure we need to fully and completely support our clients’ needs as the firm grows.  There have been some growing pains.  Thank you for your hard work and loyalty!

2.  Certain key referral partners who rely on us to provide the highest quality service and deliverables to their clients. Thank you for your trust and for the joy that comes from working with exceptional people like you! 

3.   Key advisors who provide another set of eyes and ears that help us navigate some of the tough decisions in business.  Thank you for your candor and insight!

4.  Our clients who trust us to help them make smart, informed decisions so they can build strong companies with value for the future.  Thank you for your business, your loyalty and your inspiration!

5.  Last, but not nearly least, my family who supports me and balances me in this journey to create a law firm that is unique in its service to business owners.  Thank you!

I am fortunate to find myself where I am today.  I love what I do and am very proud of what Equinox has become.  Much of it is thanks to the folks above.  I look forward to what 2012 will bring!