The Power of Information

by | June 4, 2013

Blog written by Michelle Bomberger, Equinox Business Law Group

As we were planning this month’s Focus event on environmental compliance, a colleague asked me, “Why are you doing a program on a topic that you don’t directly practice in?”  I was surprised by the question because our Focus events have a purpose:  to provide information and education to our clients in all aspects of their businesses.

In thinking about this question, I thought it would be valuable to share a little about our philosophy at Equinox.  We believe in using the power of information to build successful businesses.  We search for ways to get information into our clients’ hands to help them make informed decisions for their businesses.  Our Focus events are one component of this; however, our blogs, social media activities, and even the structure of our services support this belief in the power of information.  In our work with our clients, we provide complimentary annual check-ins so as to understand what decisions clients are making and how we might guide them in the right path.  In our flat-fee pricing, we encourage more questions and a complete understanding of the situation.  Our General Counsel Solutions are, in my opinion, the epitome of this belief.  These solutions build in unlimited access to our team for a predictable, fixed monthly fee.   They enable and encourage our clients to ask the questions they have and include the legal perspective in their planning and execution.   It’s about having the information the management team needs to make informed decisions and to do things right the first time.

The Focus program this month is a great example – Environmental Compliance.  This is an area where Equinox has some knowledge but not deep knowledge.  However, we hear from clients that they know environmental regulations are out there but don’t know the specifics of what applies to them — until something goes wrong.   It’s important for companies to know what regulations apply to them – whether that is storm water pollution, hazardous/regulated waste management, or air permitting – and ensure they have policies and programs in place to react appropriately.   Based on this feedback, we are bringing together a panel of experts who can share with clients and their managers what potential liability exists and how to mitigate these risks.   We invite you to join us and share this with others – I know I’m going to learn a lot!