Organize to Grow

by | February 19, 2010

Guest contributor Elizabeth Bowman, founder of Innovatively Organized shares tips for how organizing your business helps you to grow. 


Cultivate your Organizing Skills and Grow your Business

How much time do you spend searching for the sticky note with an important phone number or digging through stacks of paper to find the document you worked on for weeks?  Statistics show that the average office worker wastes 150 hours every year looking for things!  Not only is it a stressful way to operate, it can have negative effects on your business.  Getting organized and creating a more effective system for your office and workspace is like feeding your business with proper nourishment.

Being organized helps you improve:

Time management – Get back to clients quickly and efficiently and thus make more sales

Paper management – File so you can retrieve specific papers easily and when you need them

Email management – Learn to take action and sort email messages so nothing falls through the cracks and you stop feeling overloaded

Being organized within your business means you are more PRO-active and nurturing its growth rather than being RE-active to the fires coming your way.

Staying organized gives you the freedom to run your business smoothly and with less anxiety. It also eases the way you interact with co-workers, vendors, and customers.  They will all notice a difference and start to mimic your organizational model.