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Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

by | December 22, 2020

Take a look back at the most popular blog posts of 2020 to use in your business planning. Read the blogs that were top of mind for your peers this year and catch up on ones you may have missed. Business owners and leaders faced 2020 challenges head-on, gathering essential lessons learned to carry into 2021. From remote workplace culture shifts to lease negotiations, this year presented many opportunities to better prepare businesses for the unexpected. Check out our popular blog posts of 2020 below:

Answer These Questions Before Your Lease Negotiations

Whether your business is working on cutting expenses or simply wanting to move toward a more remote workforce, now may be a great opportunity to renegotiate your commercial lease. It is important to give yourself plenty of time to plan for and hold your lease negotiations. If you don’t, you might miss a deadline for making changes or finding a new space if you cannot reach an agreement. To negotiate effectively, you must be able to answer some key questions before embarking on lease negotiations. Read the questions here.

Maintaining Company Culture in a Virtual World

How can we maintain our onsite company culture in a virtual workplace? Consider what business behaviors are core to your culture and how those have shifted in the past 11 months. With the shift, is there anything missing? We reached out to several business leaders who have extensive experience managing remote teams to get essential insights. Read more about their strategies here.

5 Commonly Missed Annual Business Requirements

Business leaders have a lot on their plates, especially as organizational goals and expectations shift. Missed annual business requirements can bring on fines and penalties, along with increasing your company’s risk of exposure to litigation. Learn what the commonly missed annual business requirements are, and how legal counsel can help. Read the commonly missed annual business requirements here.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Turning Intention into Action

Most companies realize the value that diversity provides and have made good faith efforts to improve. So, how can we approach the question of diversity and inclusion in the workplace? How can we make diversity a priority in a practical and legally compliant way? Read the steps to consider here.

How to Stay Compliant with Out of State Employees

Since remote work has become routine for businesses, managers may be leading dispersed employees who live across the country. What do employers need to do if an employee decides to move out of state? What should employers consider when hiring remote, out-of-state employees? Read about proactive considerations here.

What if You Can’t Fulfill Your Contract Obligations?

With limited staff, facility closures, and constant uncertainty, you may question whether you can deliver on your contractual promises. Prioritize contract compliance on risk and relationships, and see if Force Majeure is applicable. Read more considerations if you cannot fulfill your contract obligations here.

5 Critical Elements of a Software Licensing Agreement

Are you skipping past the “legalese” in your software license agreements? You may be missing opportunities to gain the upper hand in negotiations. We are here to guide you through the highlights to help equip you and your business to identify red flags and negotiate better terms. Read more.

Tackle Your Annual Business Needs with Proactive Legal Maintenance

Don’t let your business’ yearly requirements slip through the cracks. Regardless of industry, every business has legal requirements that need annual attention due to changing laws and business needs. Equinox’s Legal Maintenance General Counsel Solution ensures these “bare necessities” are addressed on a consistent, regular basis. Learn more about how the Legal Maintenance Solution can tackle your business’ basic needs here.

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