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Let The Spirit Of Your Business Be Its Guide

by | July 21, 2023

Every business has a soul—a unique essence that sets it apart from the rest. 

This intangible quality, the spirit of your business, is the driving force behind its success. It encapsulates the “why” behind your entrepreneurial journey and establishes the core values that shape every decision you make. The spirit of your business acts as a North Star, guiding you and your stakeholders towards a greater purpose.

Discovering the spirit of your business begins with understanding your “why.” 

What inspired you to start this venture? What problem are you passionate about solving? It’s crucial to delve deep into why you do what you do. Whether it’s a desire to create meaningful change, provide a valuable service, or challenge the status quo, your “why” forms the foundation of your business’s spirit. 

Wait, why does Equinox care so much about the spirit of your business?  

It may seem weird that lawyers would talk about the spirit and purpose of your business.  At Equinox, we see it as the most important north star and compass that ought to guide all your business decisions, and most certainly your legal infrastructure decisions. 

A strong spirit brings several benefits

Shared values

Once you have identified your purpose, it’s time to establish core values that align with it. Core values are the guiding principles that define your business’s behavior, culture, and relationships. They serve as a compass, ensuring that everyone within your organization is working towards a common goal. These values should be ingrained in every aspect of your business, from hiring and training employees to forging partnerships and engaging with customers.


It creates a sense of identity and authenticity. Customers are drawn to businesses that have a clear sense of purpose and values they can connect with. Your spirit sets you apart from competitors and helps you build a loyal customer base. (Check out Simon Sinek’s “Start With The Why”)

Align stakeholders

The spirit of your business can be the modus operandi that aligns your stakeholders. It unifies your team, giving them a shared sense of purpose and direction. When employees are connected to a bigger cause, their motivation and engagement soar, leading to higher productivity and innovation. Similarly, stakeholders outside your organization, such as investors, suppliers, and community members, are more likely to support and collaborate with a business that demonstrates a strong spirit.

Bring balance

To nurture and unleash the spirit of your business, integrate it into every aspect of your operations. From your branding and marketing strategies to your internal processes and customer interactions, infuse your spirit into everything you do. Be consistent and authentic, and let your spirit shine through in every touchpoint.

To recap, the spirit of your business is the intangible force that makes it unique and guides its growth. Discovering your “why” and establishing core values that align with it is paramount to unleashing the true potential of your business. It acts as a guiding light, keeping you and your stakeholders focused on a bigger purpose. Embrace your business’s spirit, and let it propel you to new heights of success.

How to unleash the Spirit of Your Business:

  1. Find Your Why:

Discover the inspiration behind your venture and the problem you’re passionate about solving.  Example: Did you start a bakery because you believe in spreading joy through delicious treats?

  1. Define Your Core Values:

Establish guiding principles that shape your business’s behavior, culture, and relationships. Example: Is sustainability a core value that influences your sourcing decisions?

  1. Tell An Authentic Story:

Create a strong sense of identity that resonates with your customers. Example: Communicate your business’s story and mission through compelling branding.

  1. Unify Your Team:

Give your employees a shared purpose and direction. Example: Inspire your team by sharing success stories and the positive impact your business has on customers’ lives.

  1. Engage Stakeholders:

Garner support from investors, suppliers, and community members through a strong spirit. Example: Collaborate with local organizations to host community events that align with your business values.

  1. Infuse Your Spirit Everywhere:

Integrate your spirit into every aspect of your operations, from branding to customer interactions. Example: Embed your core values in customer service training for consistent experiences.

The spirit of your business is the North Star that guides your decisions and actions. Embracing it will propel your success to new heights.

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