Hiring and Promoting the Best People that Fit into Your Organization

by | June 21, 2011

Our guest blog post is from Bert Holeton, President of The Mastermind Group (www.the-mastermind-group.com). 


When it comes to choosing the right individual to join your organization, or the right individual to promote into a key position, or the right combination of individuals to form a team – it’s all about performance and fit. To get PERFORMANCE, you need to be able to:

– Select the right people for the right positions

– Develop the right people to be their best and deliver results

– Transform groups of people into high-performing teams


The right FIT elevates the performance of the right people – but fit to what?

– Their responsibilities

– Their direct supervisor

– Any group of people they need to team with

– The culture of the organization

It is possible to PREDICT PERFORMANCE AND FIT before you make decisions about people. Here’s what you need to know:

Passion & Purpose: What lies behind our innate and unchanging nature. What are this individual’s core values and purpose in life?

Experience & Knowledge: Our education, work experience, training, industry knowledge, and skills. What verified experience and knowledge does this individual bring to the position?

Critical Thinking: Our capacity to perceive the core issues that are driving the problems, conceive workable solutions to those problems, and implement those solutions. What is this individual’s capacity to leverage his experience and knowledge in this environment?

Focus of Thinking: The natural priority path we follow to face challenges, solve problems, and make effective decisions. How will this individual naturally choose to implement his critical thinking?

Workplace Motivators: The factors that drive and motivate us in the workplace, which influence our decision-making and impact how we apply ourselves. How will this individual prioritize his focus of thinking?

Natural Behaviors: The way we each deliver our focused critical thinking and core values into the world. How will this individual naturally tend to act on his motivations?

Team Dynamics: The way in which people work together – on a project team, an executive team, or a board of directors. Is there a strategic fit (alignment) or a tactical fit (balance)? Are there any potential problems – such as too many similarities, too many differences, or missing talent in any area?

Armed with this awareness, you can make people decisions that:

– Retain high-performing employees

– Increase individual and team morale and satisfaction

– Improve decision-making to achieve better results

– Align your people to the corporate goals