Developing Your People – An Essential Leadership Behavior

by | January 17, 2014

Blog written by Theresa Callahan, Provision Coaching

” The leader must be in charge of getting things done by running the three core processes – picking other leaders, setting the strategic direction, and conducting operations. These actions are the substance of execution, and leaders cannot delegate them regardless of the size of the organization.” – Ram Charan

If you aren’t empowering your employees, if you’re not calling them forward to greatness, and if you’re not recognizing them…you’re missing the opportunity to make your organization great.

Finding talent within your organization and “shining a light” on those talented individuals so they can inspire others is a vital part of leading and developing your people.

To me, it’s about ownership. As leaders, sometimes we have to get out of the way so our people can step in and lead with us. If we don’t give our team members a chance to step up and step into their greatness, they will never have a chance to show us what they have to bring to the table.

But what about those who don’t step up when we call them forward? Well, that’s another important discovery that we need to make, right?

Sometimes people don’t want the ownership we desire them to have. And we might as well find that out early on in the working relationship. My philosophy is this: Step up or scoot over. Because we’ve got a business to run here.