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The Value of General Practitioners in Medicine and Law

Why Specialists Alone Aren’t Enough: The Value of General Practitioners in Medicine and Law

by | April 17, 2023

In both medicine and business law practice, a generalist approach with a holistic perspective is crucial for achieving the best outcomes. General practitioners, whether in medicine or law, provide historical and contextual insight, holistic evaluation, comprehensive treatment or guidance, identification of unusual or hidden issues, and guidance on optimal options. This comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of health or business are considered and addressed, leading to more effective and sustainable solutions for patients or clients.

Social Media Posts in the Workplace

LEGAL UPDATE: Social Media Posts in the Workplace – A Guide for Businesses to Ensure Compliance with the FTC’s Guidance 

by | March 20, 2023

Employers should be aware that the FTC requires disclosure of an employee's employment relationship when making an endorsement on social media for the company they work for. The disclosure must be in simple and clear language and placed conspicuously. The FTC recommends that companies establish a social media policy that includes these disclosure requirements, consistently enforce the policy, and provide employees with training. Employers that direct employees to create or share social media posts should implement a policy and monitor the posts for compliance. To avoid potential legal issues, it is important for employers to follow these guidelines to ensure compliance with the FTC's rules.

Does your sales and marketing playbook leverage the power of law?

Unlock the strategic advantage to a winning sales and marketing plan: the power of law

by | December 18, 2022

It’s hard to have a successful business without a healthy Sales and Marketing operation. As a business grows so does the complexity of protecting product production, sales, and marketing from liabilities and vulnerabilities.  Yet many business leaders go blindly at it alone “not knowing what they don’t know” leads to mistakes. “Learn from the mistakes... View Article

Performance Management

The Low Cost (and Huge Impact!) of Effective Performance Management

by | March 2, 2020

A consistent theme in business today is talent – acquisition, management, and retention. As business owners, we know that a robust interview process, onboarding experience, training program, and cultural engagement are essential to successfully hiring and keeping good employees. But often these activities don’t get prioritized amid day-to-day demands. Is there one area, though, that... View Article


Is Compliance Keeping You Up at Night?

by | February 5, 2020

For most of you, business owners, compliance is not the primary cause of anxiety and sleepless nights. Instead, it is sales: “Will there be enough money to pay expenses or hit our profit objectives?” Next in line is risk, specifically legal risk: “I don’t know what I don’t know.” When it comes to compliance, you... View Article

Business Team

Who Are Your Helpers?

by | November 4, 2019

Leveraging your business’ helpers – your team, your professional advisors, and your accountability partners – will drive more engagement, direction, and success.

Business Commerce

The New Federal Overtime Rule

by | October 1, 2019

In big news for employers, the U.S. Department of Labor (the “DOL”) announced on September 24, 2019 that it would be releasing its final rule, which sets forth the new thresholds for minimum wage and overtime pay for “white collar” employees. The new rule will take effect on January 1, 2020. Fair Labor Standards Act... View Article