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It only matters when it matters…

by | September 29, 2011

Our guest blog post comes from Tom Andrew of Northwest Business Advisory.  Tom was a speaker at our Equinox Focus Event on September 28. ————— Consider the following scenario: You have built up a successful business from scratch. You have labored to establish a loyal customer base that can rely upon your product or service... View Article

Business Succession Planning – A financial perspective

by | September 21, 2011

Our guest blog post this week comes from Admand Wong of Integrity Financial Corporation.  Admand will be a presenter at our upcoming Succession Planning Workshop on Sept. 28. ——————– Are you working in your business or are you working on your business? I can assure you this is not an article about grammar or vocabulary... View Article

Thinking About Succession Planning Now

by | September 6, 2011

The term “succession planning” most commonly describes a company’s planning for its future. The issues typically discussed revolve around who will take over the company’s ownership and management upon the retirement of the current owners or partners. These are critical planning elements for any company but succession planning must also address the unexpected events that... View Article

Feeling overwhelmed? Need to reduce risks… have too many big issues in front of you?…. Do something! You’ll feel better

by | July 12, 2011

Today’s guest blog comes from Dave Shapiro, a group leader at Excell CEO.  Dave mentors CEOs and business owners throughout the Puget Sound and West Coast to help them gain clarity about what is holding their company back and what will propel it to even greater heights. —————————————— One of the toughest issues to face is uncertainty…... View Article

Hiring and Promoting the Best People that Fit into Your Organization

by | June 21, 2011

Our guest blog post is from Bert Holeton, President of The Mastermind Group (  ————————– When it comes to choosing the right individual to join your organization, or the right individual to promote into a key position, or the right combination of individuals to form a team – it’s all about performance and fit. To... View Article

People Don’t Leave Companies, They Leave Managers

by | June 8, 2011

Our guest blog post comes from Julia Robinson, Managing Partner of Steller Solutions, a Seattle-area consultancy that helps clients implement changes that produce rapid bottom line results, allowing their business to beat out the competition while using fewer resources. “People don’t leave companies, they leave managers,” a colleague and mentor recently shared with me. The more I... View Article

Change is Constant in Business

by | May 16, 2011

Today’s guest blog post comes from Matt Bryant of Baldwin Resource Group, a risk management and insurance consultant  with a focus on identification, evaluation, and classification of risk and subsequent development of risk management programs for organizations.   Matt will be a panelist at our upcoming Equinox Focus event “Thrive in the Upturn” on May 25. —————————- For... View Article


by | January 18, 2011

Our guest blog post comes from Bert Holeton, Founder and President of The Mastermind Group, a network of master consultants with expertise and proven results in all areas of business.  Bert will lead our January 26 Equinox Focus program on “Evaluating Capacity in Your Organization.” ————————– Ask a businessperson about capacity, and you’re likely to... View Article

What is Business Owner Exit Planning?

by | August 19, 2010

Allan Vander Hamm is a principal and the Director of Business Valuation and Transition Services at Berntson Porter and Company in Bellevue, Washington.   Allan’s practice focuses on designing and implementing comprehensive owner succession and transition projects; completing successful Merger & Acquisition transactions; and providing business valuations for transition, transactions, buy-sell agreements, divorce and estate and gift... View Article