Business Planning- A Client Centered Approach

by | January 8, 2013

This week’s blog from Dawn Nelson

Business planning is a tool that owners should use to help anticipate and plan for the year ahead. It is where goals are determined and budgets are set. But is that all that the business plan is good for? Companies can use their business planning as a time to see where they can better serve their clients in the following year and created a solid CRM plan within the budgeting and structure of the business.At Equinox, we have created our business plan around our Business Lifecycle model below.

1.       Start up:

  • Formation
  • Business Licensing
  • Formalize Corporate Documents
  • Begin documenting processes/procedures

2.       Growth:

  • Business Planning
  • Employees
  • Independent Contractors
  • Financing
  • Expansion
  • Create a corporate “Team”
  • Solidify processes and procedures

3.       Maintenance:

  • Re-evaluate corporate documents for accuracy
  • Begin discussions on succession/exit
  • Create needed documentation ie: Will

4.       Succession Exit:

  • Merger
  • Sale
  • Pass down to family, employee

Using this model to assist our team, we can better help our clients understand where their businesses is at, and it enables us to better serve their needs and anticipate any potential pitfalls ahead. By creating a business plan with our client’s center stage, we feel our clients stay at the heart of what we do year in and year out.

What are you incorporating into your 2013 business plan to better serve your clients?