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Use Your Contracts to Improve Financial Flexibility

by | April 30, 2020

We all want to close deals quickly, without strife, and with financial flexibility. However, if professional relationships are just casual, you may lose that opportunity to improve cash flow and profitability. Don’t fear the best tool in your belt: Contracts. For businesses, formalized contracts are the most important tool to secure revenue and protect assets.... View Article

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A Small Business Plan for Profit Improvement

by | May 15, 2019

This article was written by David Lightfoot of David Lightfoot CFO, LLC. The first step toward successfully evaluating your company’s financial health is with timely and accurate financial statements. But what if you’re getting accurate financial statements on a timely basis, but the profits aren’t up to your expectations? Where do you look next to... View Article

Cash vs. Profit

If Cash is King, What is Profit?

by | May 6, 2019

We all know that ‘cash is king’ but as business owners, it seems that we really should be focused on profit, right?  Profit is what we get to reinvest back into growing our businesses or, better yet, take home.  Last week, I attended the Profit Mastery program, which provided a fantastic and stark view of... View Article

Improving Profitabilitiy

May FOCUS Event: Proactively Improving Profitability

by | May 2, 2019

The first few years of business are a whirlwind. Hiring employees, building your client list, and optimizing operations take time and money, and more often than not businesses run in the red. However, once you’ve built a solid foundation for your company, it’s time to shift your focus toward profitability. Join us as we discuss... View Article