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Alternative Methods of Compensation

by | September 28, 2012

Blog by Associate Attorney, Lauren Burgon Compensation is compensation, right?  It’s wages, salary and bonuses.  It’s matching contributions to a 401K, or providing health insurance.   It’s money out the door that benefits employees.   Not always. There are many different forms that compensation can take, and not all of them result in cash out the door... View Article

Understanding Deferred Compensation- The Basics of What you Need to Know

by | September 13, 2012

Guest blog provided by Kristofer Gray, Principal of Integrity Financial Corporation Millions of employees save for retirement by deferring a portion of their compensation into an employer-sponsored, tax-deferred savings plan. The majority of these are known as qualified plans and fall under the jurisdiction of ERISA guidelines, which means they are subject to certain limiting... View Article


by | July 20, 2010

Catherine Dovey is the founder of Compensation Works LLC and offers this guest blog with insights as to how and when to communicate with employees about compensation. ————————————- Several surveys show that up to 70% of employees are planning to look for new opportunities after the economy recovers.  Most of us assume that we need... View Article