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Navigating the New Era of Noncompete Agreements: A Mandate for Transparency

by | May 23, 2024

Navigating the new era of noncompete agreements is crucial for businesses, as regulatory demands for transparency are rapidly increasing. States like California, Washington, and Oregon have significantly restricted noncompetes, and the FTC has approved a nationwide ban, pending legal challenges. Multi-state employers must understand the complex interplay of federal and state laws to remain compliant. With noncompetes becoming less viable, alternative strategies such as non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality provisions, and robust trade secret management are essential to protect business interests. Employers must proactively adapt to these changes to ensure compliance and safeguard their competitive edge.


by | February 6, 2012

The Seattle Paid Sick Time and Paid Safe Time Ordinance goes into effect on September 1, 2012.  The Ordinance will require that employers with more than 4 full time equivalent employees provide to employees who work in Seattle specified amounts of accrued, job-protected paid time off for personal illness, family care and other purposes. Every... View Article