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Preparing for Proposed Tax Changes

Preparing for Proposed Tax Changes

by | June 23, 2021

Tax changes can add an unwavering complexity, but proper timing and good advisors can keep you ahead of proposed tax changes. Trying to do your own taxes is not a simple endeavor, and as a business owner, it’s even more complicated. You’re not only concerned with payroll taxes or income taxes; you’re also concerned about... View Article

Administrative Agencies and Your Business

by | February 1, 2011

Administrative Agencies are government bodies that are empowered to direct and supervise the implementation of particular laws.  These agencies are often appointed by governmental authority such as the President of the United States, Congress, or a state constitution or legislature; but an agency does not necessarily report to the government.  Certain agencies, such as the... View Article

Business Tax Law Update

by | November 17, 2010

I attended a “Tax Update” program offered by McGladry through the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS).  I gained a number of important insights that I wanted to share.  I must add the caveat, though, that I am not a tax gal and am simply relaying the valuable information I heard.  If something resonates... View Article