Shahar Plinner Interview

Pre-FOCUS Event Interview with Shahar Plinner

by | October 1, 2018

Q: If a business owner takes one piece of information from this event home with them, what is the most important?

Shahar: Taxes are not a “Dead End.”  Planning and Financial maintenance is like health care. If you are proactive and take good care of how healthy and clean the business is – it will pay off big time in the future.


Q: What is a common problem you see in business’s tax planning? What’s your solution?

Shahar:  The taxpayer forgets that the business is a “living” creature. They also need to update their “Dream Team” as they grow.

Clean data is what we believe to be the main solution so the client can make intelligent decisions based off that data.


Q: What is the number one change in 2018 taxes that a business owner should be aware of?

Shahar: Corp Tax Rate – 21%

199A – 20% deduction on pass through entities

C-Corp is a good option to consider.

Please come to the Focus Event to hear more on these.


Q: What motivates you to work in your field?

Shahar: I am a “ Cookie Monster,” so I don’t like to delay gratifications. With my passion to tax, I can show a taxpayer an immediate change and savings which makes me feel great!


Q: What best sums up your company GPL’s vision?

Shahar: Let me list it out for you.

  • We Delight Our Customers
  • The Time is Now
  • We think Out-of-the-Box
  • Compliant & Clean
  • The Cool Factor
  • We have a Vision for Growth


Q: What services can GPL provide to business owners in regards to this topic?

Shahar: GPL provides:

  • Corp Tax
  • Controlling/CFO
  • Dashboard – Analytics
  • Planning/Knowledge
  • Unique Investment Opportunities


Shahar Plinner, the CEO of GPL Tax & Accounting, will be presenting at our October 17th FOCUS event titled ” Business Tax Strategy and Planning: What is the best route for you? ”

He will be talking on the following topics:

  • 2018 tax changes and how they impact you as a business owner now and in the future
  • Similarities and differences of entity types for tax strategy and planning
  • Strategies for wealth generation and tax minimization through practical ideas and solutions
  • GPL’s focuses

Register for the event by clicking here.