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by | February 11, 2014

Blog written by Robert Burger, B2B CFO BUYING A BUSINESS IS EXCITING – AND DAUNTING The initial reaction to finding a potential business to purchase is excitement, and it’s filled with possibility and plans. In order to avoid making an emotional commitment that clouds our judgment and leads to a whirlwind business romance, it’s a good... View Article

Moving from Manager to CEO

by | January 23, 2014

Blog written by David Lightfoot, B2B CFO For a business owner to successfully grow their business, there are a couple of difficult transitions they need to make. The first is from “doer” to manager. Usually when a business is begun, the owner does everything. They must “wear a lot of hats.” If the business finds success and... View Article

The CEO Mindset

by | January 6, 2014

Many of us as business owners have heard the mantra:  “You should be working ‘on’ your business not ‘in’ your business and we get it.  More time running the business, less time doing the work… it’s not always easy but as you build a team that understands who you are and how to do the... View Article

The Power of Information

by | June 4, 2013

Blog written by Michelle Bomberger, Equinox Business Law Group As we were planning this month’s Focus event on environmental compliance, a colleague asked me, “Why are you doing a program on a topic that you don’t directly practice in?”  I was surprised by the question because our Focus events have a purpose:  to provide information... View Article

Employer Policies

by | March 6, 2013

We have previously shared with you the importance of formal employer policies.  We highlighted why formalizing your processes and communicating them to employees enhanced the work environment by setting clear expectations for employees and putting everyone on equal footing. Now, we’re going to turn that advice a bit on its head.As much as it is... View Article

Is It Time to Update Your Employee Policies?

by | February 19, 2013

Blog written by Lauren Burgon, Associate Attorney, Equinox Having written employee policies for your company is important.  But even more important is having accurate and up-to-date policies.  Having out-of-date or inaccurate policies can be worse than not having written policies in the first place. We recommend reviewing your written employee policies at least once a... View Article

Owners provide jobs and impact lives

by | February 5, 2013

I recently participated on a panel for women business owners and one of the questions posed to the panelists was “Why do you do what you do?” One of the panelists responded with an answer that really struck me.  She said, “I believe that business ownership gives me the greatest opportunity to have an economic... View Article

Creating Your Business Plan

by | January 15, 2013

This week’s blog from Earl Bell, Island Crest Consulting A solid business plan dramatically increases the likelihood that your company continues on the path to becoming extremely valuable, sustainable and profitable.  Having said that, not all business plans are created equal. Focus on the right things and you’ll develop a road map to success.  Below... View Article

Addressing Fraud: A Plan to Avoid the Emotional Reaction

by | October 2, 2012

Fraud is committed in small businesses every day.  Some industries, such as retail and restaurants, are more susceptible than others but it happens everywhere.   Yet most business owners do not believe it will happen to them.   We know that the key element is to put in place key controls to deter and expose fraudulent behavior.... View Article