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John Butler

John Butler is a corporate counsel with over 10 years of experience as a corporate attorney supporting and managing in-house teams in a broad range of legal matters. In joining Equinox, he can provide a creative and business-first counsel approach to help (Equinox’s) clients grow their companies safely and successfully. John’s key focus areas are healthcare, licensing, intellectual property, product support, and data privacy and marketing compliance issues.  

John’s legal career began as a Regional Liaison at the American Arbitration Association and then soon enrolled at Seattle University School of Law graduating summa cum laude. In his previous post as director of legal at Remote Medical International, John built a legal department from scratch, led corporate compliance, including HIPAA and GDPR, and drafted and negotiated $70M+ worth of contracts within the first year. 

John finds many law firms to be glorified Ponzi schemes. The idea of making general counsel services accessible to small to medium-sized businesses and breaking the current mold of law firms  drew him to become part of the Equinox team. As a former head of a legal department, John understands that clients want practical, business-centric counsel they can understand, and that is cost-effective. Through his profession, John wants to empower businesses that can’t afford quality legal services. 

John served on the board of the Dispute Resolution Center of King County for six years, and was the board president. He was also part of the Executive Committee of the WSBA ADR Section 

John feeds his love for the outdoors through gardening and biking.  He also enjoys playing board games and spending time with his two adorable children.