Equinox Team 3

Janaya Carter

Janaya Carter is a Senior Corporate Counsel with over 20 years of experience as a corporate attorney specializing in Real Estate, Operations, and Litigation. In joining Equinox, she gives strategic expertise in identifying areas for targeted development, assisting clients with understanding the legal risk at each step and making sound business decisions with a comfortable level of risk. Janaya aims to give guidance, extend support and share her expertise with clients and peers to propel them into growth.

Janaya has been involved in the practice of law as an associate up to a managing shareholder of a muti-state firm and has helped to run many departments or practice areas along the way.
In her previous post, Janaya grew a firm’s operations in only one year from eight staff members, including two attorneys, to a staff of 120, including 22 attorneys. Her career not only revolved around the law but also stepped out of the legal world to focus on running a multi-state title company as the Vice President of its Title Operations.

Her background in small companies with a small staff of four and larger companies with 1,800 employees gave her a good understanding of what it takes to grow a business, balance legal risk, and keep moving forward.

Janaya’s path to law began when she finished her undergraduate degree in Psychology. After working on an intense mental health project at the University of Washington, she switched gears and took up law instead. She focused on business law because she loved the balance of legal analysis and business. She finds excitement in being able to help use her legal expertise to create a plan for a business owner or team of leaders to feel comfortable in continuing to grow their business.

Growing up, Janaya lived mainly in the North Seattle area in Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, and Mukilteo. Janaya is a true fighter having survived six different surgeries throughout her life. She is an avid true crime fan and spends her free time reading or rearranging her furniture at home. Janaya loves spending time with her two teenage boys and loves shoes second. She even has a motion sensor light-activated shoe cabinet. Janaya used to do volunteer work in the past with the Eastside Legal Assistance Program assisting victims of domestic violence with legal help.