Equinox Team 3

Danica Paddock

Danica Paddock started at Equinox Business Law as a legal intern. After passing the bar exams, she was immediately offered a full-time position as a corporate counsel. Her primary focus areas are contracts, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and cannabis law.  

Danica finds value in bridging the gap that entrepreneurs mostly feel between themselves and the legal system. She wants to provide value to the lives and business endeavors of others in a manner that makes the law and its effects both attainable and understandable. Danica advocates that accessibility of the law has a substantial impact on the success of a business.  

Danica attended the Seattle University School of Law and was the recipient of the Presidential Law Scholarship.  

Pursuing as much hands-on experience as she could find during law school, she simultaneously worked on her internship. She joined the King County Bar Association’s Family Law Department to provide pro bono legal services, interned at Smith Law, and was part of the transactional team at Seattle’s top cannabis law firm— Cultiva Law. Soon after, she joined Equinox, where she saw the firm’s robust legal service offers make it possible for smaller and mid-sized companies to achieve comprehensive legal assistance.  

As a true Seattle native, Danica likes to go camping. Recalling her most remarkable life experience thus far was kayaking in Canada. In a tiny little kayak, she ended up within arm’s reach of an entire passing pod of Orca. She also combines her hobbies of knitting and sewing with volunteer work making masks for nurses and those in addiction recovery during the peak of the pandemic. Her next project is knitting blankets and hats for donation to local neo-natal care centers.