Kelly Svihus

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Kelly Svihus is Equinox Business Law Group’s driven and energetic Vice President of Operations. As Equinox’s backbone, Kelly knows that when we have a strong firm, we can help build a stronger business community. Her efforts in business strategy & planning, HR management, financial management, data management & maintenance, and maintaining company culture all support both the firm and our clients’ success.

Watching the firm, employees, and clients flourish brings Kelly the utmost satisfaction with her work. With over 20 years of experience in customer service management and personnel development, Kelly has formed a strong passion for problem-solving, organization, and business growth. She values the client experience, dedicating time to nurturing client relationships through informed hiring and tactful employee development initiatives.

Kelly joined the Equinox team in 2012 with the goal of serving small business owners, helping them to realize their entrepreneurial goals. Small businesses build strong communities, and Kelly easily identified with Equinox’s mission to build safe and successful business futures for every business owner.

In her free time, Kelly enjoys cooking, gardening, connecting with the community, and being outdoors. She is a proud and loving mother to a rambunctious kid, and deeply values spending time with her family. Kelly was raised and currently resides in Everett, WA, where she enjoys taking in the Puget Sound breeze, the beautiful expansion of evergreen trees and mountains, the bustling community, and the unique local businesses.