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As Equinox’s Office Manager & Director of Finance, Keegan Cogdill-Estrin’s role encompasses a multifaceted array of responsibilities, from overseeing office operations to managing financial matters with precision and care. Keegan approaches his work with warmth and professionalism, ensuring that every client interaction is marked by support, friendliness, and respect.

With a keen grasp of business administration, Keegan provides expert administrative support for the Equinox team and our clients. Before joining Equinox in 2019, he gained valuable experience as a radiology imaging lead assistant and has a background in retail and hospitality management.

Keegan shares his home with his partner, and their beloved furry companions—a dog and two cats. Together, they create a warm and welcoming environment that mirrors Keegan’s approach to client care.

A native of the Puget Sound region, Keegan finds inspiration in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys spending his leisure time outdoors, indulging in activities such as camping and hiking, often accompanied by his faithful corgi, Pika. Keegan also nurtures his passion for gardening, stone cutting, jewelry making, and playing the lever harp. Through his dedication, professionalism, and genuine care for both clients and colleagues alike, Keegan embodies the values of Equinox and remains committed to supporting the success and prosperity of small businesses within the community.