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As Equinox’s dedicated Client Services Coordinator, Keegan Cogdill-Estrin is a supportive, friendly, and respectful guide for clients navigating legal solutions for their business. He works to provide services essential to the client experience, including customer service, administration, and operations support. When communicating with Keegan, you can expect a positive attitude paired with customer-centric assistance.

Keegan spearheads necessary business formation filings, registered agency services, business license renewals, and supporting clients through administrative duties. He understands that each business is unique and uses his experience to predict client needs, always ensuring the right questions are asked.

Keegan understands what it’s like to support small businesses. His prior experience supporting business leaders in the healthcare industry prepared him for a client-oriented, adaptable work environment. He values the role that small businesses play in our community, and that mentality led him to a thriving role at Equinox. His professionalism and accuracy help clients create secure and successful businesses.

Being born and raised in the Puget Sound region, Keegan appreciates the outdoors and the picturesque scenery of the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys spending time in nature, camping, and hiking with his corgi, Pika. Keegan is also an avid gardener, maintaining a small vegetable garden and over 30 house plants.