Dominique Zett

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Dominique Zett is Equinox’s Project Manager overseeing the Project Management Team. After graduating from Pepperdine University with a degree in Psychology, Dominique began working in project management 7+ years ago, leading and supporting technical projects, overseeing department budgets, coordinating programs, and spearheading the implementation of new processes. He now gets to bring those skills to Equinox to help move forward our mission to bring the same strategic law advantages large organizations enjoy to small businesses.

As Project Manager at Equinox, Dominique leads his team’s efforts to improve efficiency, ensure clear communication, improve quality, and enhance client satisfaction. The project management team’s primary goals are to effectively manage legal projects from inception to completion while keeping a close eye on budget, timelines, and quality of work. We want to bring the maximum value to our clients.

Having grown up in the Puget Sound Region, Dominique is passionate about the beauty of his home state. From the vibrant and diverse cities to the lush and endless outdoors, there is always something to do or see here. While he has spent time in California and D.C., Washington has always brought him home. In his free time, Dominique enjoys cooking, baking, tending to his houseplants, and spending time with friends playing board games.