How to Become a Leader

March FOCUS Event: Transitioning From Doer to Leader

by | February 22, 2019

What does it take to executive flawlessly?

Learning to delegate, set expectations, hold people accountable, develop courage and resiliency, and coach and motivate teams are all strengths that great leaders cultivate. But how do they learn? In our no-fail society, we often try to “tell” developing leaders how to do their jobs versus working with them to develop the skills to be effective and get the results that we require.

For most business owners and executives the transition from doer to leader is challenging and backing out of the day-to-day in order to lead through others can be excruciating.

Join us as we discuss techniques for developing our own and our emerging leaders’ ability to “get things done” through other people with guest speaker Debbie Oberbillig, CEO SuccessView Coaching and Consulting Group.

About our guest speaker:

Debbie consults with and coaches CEO’s, and business leaders to create strategies to attract, develop and retain an engaged workforce as well as creating programs that coach and prepare emerging leaders and teams.

Prior to starting her recruiting and coaching companies, Debbie honed her business leadership and training skills as a Senior Executive in both private and public organizations. There she learned firsthand that to build teams and to drive innovation and collaboration requires vulnerability.

She specializes in programs that increase, trust and engagement and is certified in Dare to Lead™. A courage building program that helps individuals, teams, and organizations develop leaders.

Please join us for this free event:

Date: Wednesday, March 20

Time: 7:30 am – 9:30 am PST

Location: Equinox Business Law, Bellevue Office