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There’s No Business Like A Family Business

by | May 4, 2010

Businesses are developed and grown through their relationships with people – people as owners, managers, customers, and vendors.  These people relationships, though critical for success, also create substantial risk for the business because people are emotional and often unpredictable.  Most businesses protect against this risk through contracts.  Why do they work?  Contracts allow a company... View Article

Business Continuity is Essential

by | April 21, 2010

Our guest blog post this week is from Pete DiSantis of Peter DiSantis Consulting Associates.  Pete will also be our guest presenter at the April Equinox Focus Event “Beating Your Competition through Contingency Planning.”  ———————– You lock your house, your office, your car.  You buy insurance for your house, your office, your car… even your... View Article

People Disasters and Business Continuity

by | April 2, 2010

When we think of disaster recovery for business, images of earthquakes, fires, and floods come to mind.   Thoughts about losses of expensive equipment, inability to access important data, and getting people to work and product out the door become overwhelming.   We take comfort in the fact that we have property and casualty insurance and start... View Article

Financial Variables in Manufacturing

by | March 30, 2010

Dennis Hebert of CFO Selections shares insights on the finance side of your manufacturing relationship.  ——————————— Congratulations!  You have found a company that will manufacture your product.  The company will produce your product at the quality level you want, and at a price that gives you great margins.  You’re ready to sign the formal manufacturing... View Article

Beginning a manufacturing process – Part 1

by | March 14, 2010

Our guest blog post this week comes from Erin Wilson, President and Chief Mama of Lots To Say Baby, a manufacturer and designer of funny pacifiers.   She can be reached at erin@lots2saybaby.com.  This is part 1 of a 2 part post… ————————————— You have the idea of the century; a product that just needs to be out... View Article