Social Networking Working for Small Businesses

by | April 10, 2008

Social networking has become a staple for many businesses as a referral network. I participated in a Continuing Legal Education program last week on marketing for lawyers and spoke on technology marketing with Sara Lingafelter. As we prepared for the program, we discussed various sites we use — both of us use LinkedIn (what I would consider the core social networking site for business — typically big business) but we differed also. I use Biznik, a Seattle-based “indie” network with a tagline “Business networking that doesn’t suck.” What surprised me, though, is that Sara uses Facebook (and to a lesser extent Myspace) for business networking. Based on my limited knowledge of these sites, they don’t appear to be strong professional networking sites. Surprisingly, over the past week, I’ve had three separate interactions with business owners who are using Facebook and two separate seminars and numerous articles emphasizing both Facebook and myspace as tools not only for teens but for businesses.

I’m on vacation next week but expect to have my Facebook profile up in the next couple of weeks. Check it out!