New Year Musings

by | January 3, 2007

While at Starbucks this morning, I saw an article in the Seattle Times about a small town in Jackson, Alabama (population 5400) that collectively lost 10,000 pounds last year through a city-wide weight loss program. The buzz around the concept (“everyone’s doing it”) and the accountability of monthly weigh-ins matched with monetary rewards for achieving certain goals drove this town into a health frenzy. Even local restaurants bought in financially and by improving their menus to help the townspeople achieve their goals. It immediately occurred to me that this kind of viral marketing can work both for business and within business. As a marketing tactic, what can you do to get your community (neighborhood stores, residents, clients) talking about you and creating a buzz about your business? This is great to think about now as part of your planning and goal setting for the year. Secondly, internally you can utilize this tactic to motivate your workforce to achieve more through creative programs that result in tangible value to them. Many ideas are low cost to a business but create enough buzz among employees that the competitive nature takes over. Muse over these thoughts and how you can create a bang internally and with the public!