Growing Your Business w/ the Right People

by | December 11, 2008

Today I attended a facilitated program with about 30 mid-size business owners where we discussed the key takeaways from the business books “Good to Great” and “Made to Stick.” We spent quite some time on the importance of having “the right people on the bus.” “Good to Great” emphasizes “First the Who, then the What,” meaning that hiring the right people comes before the creation of the vision/programs. This concept was counter-intuitive to a lot of people: “How do I know who to hire if I don’t know what I’m hiring them for?” Yet it makes sense to bring on people who complement your skills and help you to create a more robust and complete vision. When hiring people is not appropriate for your business, an advisory board comprised of the right people will do the trick. Other people-related takeaways: 1) The right people don’t have to be motivated; 2) The right person can do the job of 2-3 people; 3) use psychological job testing when hiring and don’t second guess the test results – they are always right; and 4) when in doubt, don’t hire. I have seen BizBooks groups popping up around and today found that I got so much more out of the book through the group discussion.