I thought it interesting that a recent article in the May 11-17 edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal on employment law issues focused on its application to doctors when the topic covered employment law issues important to any employer. I realize that each issue has a theme but am concerned that many employers may have glossed over this article as inapplicable to their businesses because the title emphasized doctors. To recap the article’s key points: 1) Immigration: Many fewer H1-B visas are being allocated, state and local governments are considering stricter penalties for employers who hire undocumented workers, and the Dept. of Homeland Security is proposing regulations that would require an employer to verify an employees identification documents and even continuously monitor the immigration status of their employees; 2) Privacy: Employee records must be maintained and protected so employers must train employees on the importance of privacy issues around employee recordkeeping; and 3) Retaliation: Many human resources professionals and managers understand that a “retaliatory” act by an employer in response to a claim of discrimination or harassment is illegal. Employers need to ensure that all managers are aware of the law and more specifically what constitutes a retaliatory act.