Employees — Hiring and Keeping Them

by | March 17, 2006

Two articles caught my eye this week – both related to employees. Firstly, the staggering figure that 43% of resumes contain significant factual errors. It’s bothersome that so many people are lying on their resumes. For your business, it could mean the difference between hiring someone who has the necessary experience and someone who plans to ‘wing it.’ Not exactly what you have in mind when bringing on an employee. Check out some tips on how to dig deep enough to find the truth in Inc.’s article Catching Resume Liars. The second article was on creative compensation to help you lure and keep employees in a competitive marketplace. These strategies are particularly important for small businesses where creative benefits may be easier to dole out than cold, hard cash which may or may not be flowing at the time the employee is hired. See Inc.’s article Compensation Strategies that Work. Remember, you do need to be careful that the benefits or creative compensation is clear to both parties and based on measurable performance. An employment agreement is necessary regardless of the compensation structure but creative compensation must be spelled out in the agreement and the agreement should be amended or alternative documentation put in place if the compensation changes.

Author: Michelle Bomberger, Seattle Business Lawyer