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Trademark Lawyer and Managing IP Strategically

by | October 6, 2015

As you plan for your business, I expect you look at your financials and plan the needed adjustments to marketing, staffing, capital purchases, and other operational activities to meet your goals for the coming year and beyond. In addition, there’s a component of strategic planning which includes review of your bigger goals (BHAGs for those... View Article

WARNING: Misleading Trademark Notices

by | October 7, 2014

Blog written by Lauren Burgon, Equinox Business Law Group Increasingly over the past few months, Equinox has heard from clients regarding notices clients have received that appear to be official notices from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). These official-looking notices often appear to be bills, and are usually in amounts similar to the... View Article

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Introduction To Patent Basics

by | May 22, 2014

Blog written by Michael Gibbons, Puget Patent PS. An inventor may obtain a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office which grants an exclusive right of up to 20 years in the inventor’s invention.  With the patent, the inventor may prevent another party from making, importing, or selling (activities which are known as... View Article

Common Mistakes in Patent Protection

by | June 10, 2010

Our guest blog post comes from Jim Rutter of Ruttler IP Law.  Jim will be our guest speaker at our June 23 Equinox Focus Event “Protecting and Leveraging Your IP”. ——————————————– The first major mistake that is made with patents is disclosing an invention prior to filing a patent application.  Disclosure could include offering to... View Article