Equinox Business Law Group

Who is Equinox Business Law Group?

We believe that only when a business has a lawyer who serves as a business advisor and understands the emotional as well as the financial aspects of business ownership, can a partnership truly be forged to benefit that business.  That’s Equinox Business Law Group.

About Equinox.

Equinox Business Law Group grew from a vision – a vision of partnership between a business owner and its lawyer. This partnership requires the business owner understanding how a lawyer can help a business to make smarter, more strategic decisions for the future of the company and that having that lawyer at the table adds real value. It requires the lawyer to understand business and entrepreneurship, serve as a business counselor, and understand not only the balancing of risk and reward in every business decision but also that the risk-reward balance is personal, emotional and financial.

Needless to say, all this was not forged overnight. We began in 2004 as Small Business Legal Services, a firm focused on eliminating the barriers that businesses feel when they need a lawyer – the fear of high costs, added complexity, long turn-around times, and of not really feeling that the lawyer added value to the transaction. SBLS launched and grew with flat fee pricing and complimentary consultations and check ins to develop deeper and more frequent conversations between the lawyer and the business owner. Our client business owners received business and legal counsel that made sense for the business’ size and needs.

Over time, we found that our clients really valued the ease and confidence of partnering with our team; and in response, we launched an innovative all-inclusive General Counsel offering under our new brand Equinox Business Law Group. The “equinox” represents the balancing of light and darkness, when both hemispheres of the Earth are equally illuminated. In a similar way, our clients look to our team to balance the risks and the opportunities they face. We continue to value and celebrate the Equinox and use it to guide the solutions we offer and how we build our team.

Our core values.

We strive to understand you and your needs. To us, it’s not just about the project or transaction but about providing real value to help you become stronger and better at what you do.

We commit to a quick response and turn around time so we are never the cause of a delay or hold up.

Knowledge is power and we strive to be collaborative and open about the process and the numbers for the projects we do.

We treat clients and colleagues with respect and professionalism, whether we are engaged for an amicable transaction or a contested matter.

We only make promises we can keep.