Equinox Team 3

Fabi Jimenez

Fabiola Jimenez is one of Equinox Business Law Group’s corporate counsel. Fabiola’s affinity for innovative and emerging markets, coupled with her nontraditional career track, has paved the road for an expansive and creative career path. 

Fabiola has many years of varying experience not only in law but in advertising, public relations, client relations, and the marketing industry. Fabiola provides clients with a holistic approach to the transactional side of business law with a focus on  mergers and acquisitions, brand and intellectual property, product development, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance. 

Fabiola’s drive to utilize her years of experience is evident in how she provides her clients guidance in complex and nuanced industries. Fabiola thrives on a good challenge and loves getting into the nitty gritty details of her client’s business endeavors. Fabiola prides herself on her strong negotiation skills and ability to understand her clients and their business.  She is always thinking of the ‘big picture.’  

Fabiola is an accomplished nationwide public speaker and has been featured in several publications, including Forbes Magazine, for her work. In her downtime, she mentors many women across the U.S. who are entering the legal field or who wish to be lawyers one day.