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Equinox Business Law Group - How We Work

As experienced business owners and entrepreneurs, we know what it’s like to own and run a business. You need a partner as committed to your goals as you are. You need personalized, attentive corporate legal counsel. And you need it all at a predictable cost. That’s how we work at Equinox Business Law Group. Because our business lawyers uniquely combine legal advice with real-world business experience, we help you balance opportunity and risk in every decision.


No two businesses are alike. That’s why Equinox structures our client engagements in two ways, based on your specific business requirements. With Equinox, your legal team always works in lock-step with you—not tripping you up along the way—so you can feel confident that you can take advantage of that urgent business opportunity.

Equinox General Counsel Services
With General Counsel Packages, you can integrate legal counsel into your management team in a flexible, cost-effective manner. As General Counsel, we are a legal partner focused on moving your company forward to achieve your goals.  Our article on why your business needs a General Counsel relationship offers information as to the benefits of this model. Why Your Business Needs A General Counsel


Advisor: Unlimited phone and email communications with our business attorneys for you and your team for a flat monthly fee of $650.

General Counsel Services: Includes all General Counsel Advisor items plus monthly meetings and unlimited access to our team for advice and projects for a flat monthly fee tailored to your company needs.

Audit: Includes all General Counsel Services items plus comprehensive legal audits for a flat monthly fee tailored to your company needs.

Traditional hourly rate or project-based flat-fee billing
Equinox business attorneys work with you, as you need us, to provide business and legal counsel on an hourly or a project-by-project, flat-fee basis. Whenever possible, we use predictable flat-fee, value-based pricing but some projects lend themselves better to hourly rates. No matter what, we always discuss our fees with you in advance, so you know the exact cost of our services up-front.


At Equinox, we rely on several core values to guide us as we serve your needs and help your business flourish:

Value. We strive to understand your business needs, strategy, and risk profile to pragmatic, business-focused, solutions based on real-world business and entrepreneurial experience.

Responsiveness. We know your business moves quickly and you need advisors who can respond at the same speed. We commit to serving your business based on your needs.

Transparency. We know that cost is a factor in engaging our firm, and we are transparent and budget conscious in our pricing and fees. You should never be surprised by an invoice.

Respect. We treat clients and colleagues with respect and professionalism, whether we are engaged for an amicable transaction or a contested matter.

Integrity. We make promises we can keep in our capabilities, deliverables, and fees.


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